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Advanced energy and toning tech.

Cannamimetics Logo.png

Cannamimetic terpenes for soothing and relaxing.

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Naturally active high performance capsules and liquids for maximum gains.

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Seriously tough preworkout powders to kick your training up a notch.

Proven herbal extracts to send you soundly to dream land.

Nutrition for the endurance athlete.

Terpene Essentials Logo.png

Essential terpene blends at bargain prices.

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Natural, high performance extracts designed to be competition legal.

Legacy Logo.png

Classic supps revived for the modern era.

Cereal Killer Logo.png

Sports nutrition in delicious forms like soup, and jello!

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Blunt Edge Logo.png

Terpene balms and foods to soothe.

Cannabase Logo.png

Cannabaceae terpenes for relaxation.

With New Products Added All The Time!

Dairy Free cheeses!

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Our range includes: Herbal extracts for health (such as terpenes) and sport (such as Turkesterone), many types of protein (such as whey, casein, collagen, vegan pea), preworkouts for energy and mass (such as Metaslim), BCAAs and raw aminos (such as glutamine), supps for weight management (such as Thermostim), blends for focus (such as Neural Net) and even supps for managing aches (such as P.E.A.).

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Cannamimetic Terpene Oils

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