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Compounding Dispensary

Create a Custom Formula (300 Capsules)

Welcome to our Compounding Dispensary! Here you can order 300 custom capsules containing your tailor-made blend of a growing list of herbal extracts we stock, which we will produce to your specifications. Your herbs, your way, for the incredible value of $1 per capsule. Your order will be shipped within 1 week.

Custom Product.jpg

Create your custom capsules below. We strongly recommend doing this on desktop (not mobile).


  • Set the sliders to the number of milligrams you'd like of each ingredient per capsule, and the 'Capsule Space Remaining' bar will tell you how much room you have left.


  • When you're finished, click the 'Save & Proceed To Order' button. This will open the store page and copy your unique Prescription Code to the clipboard for you, which you'll then need to paste into the 'Prescription Code' Box.


You can always reorder the same product with the same Prescription Code, just email us if you forget it. Note: We don't store the product code on our server until you've completed your order, so don't close this page or lose it until you're done!


Elderberry Fruit Extract 4:1


Ginger Extract 85% Phenolics


Celery Extract 98% Apigenin


Epimedium Extract 98% Icariin


Cocoa Bean Husk Extract 90% Epicatechin

Apple Peel Extract 98% Ursolic Acid

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