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The Protein Factory now has a logo! The design is a stylised representation of the folded tubes of the Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) and Golgi Bodies found inside our cells, which are responsible for (among other things) correctly folding, packaging, and distributing proteins made by our cells' ribosomes found attached to the rough ER membrane.

In much the same way that the Mitochondria is often humorously referred to as 'The Powerhouse of The Cell', the complex network of channels which forms the rough ER and Golgi Bodies could be thought of as 'The Protein Factory of The Cell'. Just as these structures are responsible for processing and delivering proteins to their destinations inside cells, our shop The Protein Factory delivers protein (and our other supps) to you!

Your body's own protein factory then uses the amino acids from the protein you intake to make all of the thousands to potentially millions of different proteins your body needs to operate. These proteins include enzymes (to break down and build molecules), antibodies (to detect and bind to pathogens), contractile and structural proteins (to help you move and stay the right shape), transport and storage proteins (to get nutrients and important molecules where they need to be) and even many hormones like oxytocin and insulin (to send signals around your body).

We chose this to be our icon as it represents our commitment to always keeping up to date with the latest science, to develop evidence-based products and to always continue learning and growing as individuals and as a business.

Congratulations to everyone who guessed the meaning of our new logo, we were so glad to see so many creative and clever guesses and unique takes on the design we hadn't thought of as well! We appreciate you all so much :)

The Protein Factory Icon Text Black.png
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