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Are you a healthcare practitioner?

Do you practice conventional or alternative medicine? You may qualify to become a supplier of our practitioner range of maximum potency pharmacologist formulated terpene blends, including our renowned Quinterpene and NeuroAUG 8 blends, as well as 100% pure individual terpenes and 100ml blends.

Apply for our practitioner program by contacting us with your name, the name of your practice, your practice's ABN, your qualifications and your affiliated body, or any other relevant details.


Once practitioner status has been granted on your account, the link below will be unlocked and you will be provided access to ordering options and technical specifications of the products.

If you're not a practitioner, don't worry. You can still get NeuroAUG-8 and Quinterpene by clicking the 'See in Store' button.

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