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NeuroAUG-8 & Quinterpene


Our renowned NeuroAUG-8 and Quinterpene blends are now available on our online store.


NeuroAUG-8 is a 100ml blend of 15% Limonene (15000mg), 15% Linalool (15000mg), 15% Caryophyllenes (15000mg), 15% Myrcene (15000mg), 15% Bisabolol (15000mg), 15% Geraniol (15000mg) and Australian grown organic hemp seed oil, with no other additives.

Quinterpene is a 250ml blend of 40% Limonene (40000mg), 40% Bisabolol (40000mg) and 20% Caryophyllenes (20000mg) with no other additives.

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