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V-Shield Hand Sanitiser

We produce a range of hand and surface sanitisers, both for general use and for use in medical and healthcare facilities conforming to TGA guidelines, with or without disinfecting terpenes such as limonene.

We currently stock a range of 70% and 80% ethanol based sanitisers and 75% isopropyl alcohol based sanitisers in both gelled and liquid form to suit your needs, which are compatible with pumps, spray tops and hand pump/electronic wall dispensers.

We also carry water-based surface sprays better suited to applications where ethanol use may result in damage, such as painted surfaces and the outside of electronic equipment.

Along with hand sanitisers and surface sanitisers, we also provide food-grade sanitisers for disinfecting produce such as fruits which have been handled in transit and may have exposed surfaces contaminated with pathogens.

Contact us for quotes on wholesale and large quantity orders of hand or surface sanitisers. We can produce 250ml, 500ml and 1L bottles for wholesale, and 5L jerrycans, 20L carboys and 1000L IBCs for refilling and repacking purposes.

Test Results

Our base sanitiser formulation has been tested against the gold-standard for efficacy, view the test results below.

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