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Why Our Products Are So Cheap

How do we manage to be so affordable while providing cutting-edge premium products?

Being a small family-run business has its advantages.

For starters, we don't run ads. We rely on you to spread the word about us if you like our products, and leaving a review means the world to us.


We pride ourselves on making products that are such excellent value for money, they get people genuinely excited. It always puts smiles on our faces when someone comes into the store and tells us that they just had to tell all their friends and family about us, just because they like what we do so much and want to share us around.

Our whole production process is done in-house. Our small team consists of a pharmaceutical scientist, a health scientist, a nutritionist and a variety of other qualified professionals with a broad range of knowledge and skills. We do all of our own research, formulate all of our own products, and produce them in our state-of-the-art production facility. We even design all of our own artwork and labels, and make most labels by hand. By maintaining full control over the entire manufacturing process, we avoid costly middle-men and contracting fees.

Most importantly, we don't add ridiculous margins on top of our costs, because we want our products to be affordable. Our goal, always, is to have happy returning customers who genuinely benefit from our products, and to maintain a friendly and helpful relationship with everyone.

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