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About Us

Leading the market in affordable and effective health and wellness products formulated by qualified professionals, direct from the manufacturer since 1993.

Biodome Functional Foods is a proudly family run and owned health supplement manufacturer, covering the whole production process from formulation to manufacturing. This allows us to save on costs while ensuring we produce the highest quality premium products, passing the savings on to you!

Our store The Protein Factory specialises in advanced nutrition and health, and is located at 1/1140 Burwood Highway, Ferntree Gully VIC 3156.

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Welcome To Our Facility

Our facility is a state of the art 320 square metre multifunctional laboratory. All raw materials are subjected to in-house quality assurance including Fourier Transform Infra-Red Raman Spectroscopy. Raw materials are housed in our dedicated, hermetically sealed environmentally controlled storage area, making us the leader in short-run quality controlled food and cosmetic facilities. Many companies simply store their goods in open warehouses, whereas our raw material storage technology guarantees the longest shelf life possible through protection from rodents, insects, light, moisture, and heat.

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Biodome holds all relevant regulatory registrations including GMP Food Registration (3846/F), Victorian Department of Health and Human Services Poison's License (27210851), and NICNAS Chemical Introducer registration (NIC1002297).

We specialize in foods compliant with 2.9.4 supplementary sports foods, and 2.9.5 food for special medical purposes.

Our production rooms have positive pressure, filtered air, and specialised dust extraction to ensure cross contamination is minimized. Temperature and humidity are controlled using seven separate compressor/condenser refrigeration units. We also have on-site freezer facilities set to -20C. Many products are manufactured under inert atmosphere or ozone and UV sterilized atmospheres.

Our Dedication to Compliance

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Our Experience

Biodome Functional Foods employs a range of technical and skilled staff with qualifications in Health Science, Pharmaceutical Science, Toxicology, Ergonomics, Sports Science and other sciences and specialising in terpenes.

We currently house Australia's largest terpene range, and have been terpene pioneers since 1993.

Unlike many 'terpene gurus' we're not just some newcomers to the industry, we collectively have more than 50 years of terpene experience.

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Our Team


Brad has a Masters Degree in Health Science, a Masters Degree in Engineering and has been in the food and pharmaceutical industry since 1985. Having been a GMP (TGA) license holder and a court recognised expert witness, Brad is well placed to advise on all of your compliance concerns, and is well known as a champion for the little guy.


Declan has a Bachelors Degree in Pharmaceutical Science from Monash University and focuses on design of highly effective evidence-based plant extracts and immersion in the academic literature. He holds academic achievements and awards from organizations such as BHP Billiton and STAV, and is an avid electric guitarist.


Finn is our laboratory technician, and holds a Cert. 4 in Laboratory Technology from Box Hill Institute, having formerly studied chemistry at Swinburne University. He handles many of the technical aspects of production. His other studies include Sports Science and Health and Human Development.


Beck has a Bachelors Degree in Teaching, and academic qualifications in Financial Services. When she's not picking up the shortfall in production, her day to day role is Chief Financial Controller. Beck has been in the industry since 1996, and is a driver behind many of the cosmetic developments and fast moving consumer goods design.


Cameron is a qualified Myotherapist and Remedial Masseuse. He also holds a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science from Deakin Univeristy, and a Certificate III in Process Manufacturing. He assists in food production, enjoys learning about ergogenic aids in sport and how they interact with a person's physiology. In his spare time he likes lifting weights, hiking, writing and recording music.


Megan is currently a 3rd year Bachelor of Nutrition Science student (Dietetics Pathway) at Deakin University. She aspires to work in the sports dietetics field, using nutrition to enhance performance. Megan assists in retail, providing nutrition, sports performance and supplement advice to our customers, and also gets involved in production. She enjoys playing footy and training in taekwondo. 

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