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The Pep range of products are unique and never before seen skin care products, formulated by experts with over 36 years of experience in the skin science industry, ensuring that each product is backed by science.

Skin Science

Created By The Protein Factory

Skin Repair Powder

Ultimate Skin Food Super Fruit


Innovative Antioxidant Formula

Nourishes Skin From The Inside

Black Currant + Elderberry

Organic Wildflower Honey

Green Banana Fibre

Purple Beetroot

Rutin + Resveratrol

Histidine + Vitamins

Supports Healthy Skin, Hair & Nail Structure, Hair Colour, Collagen Formation & Wound Healing

Super Fruit is a beverage akin to a greens powder for all of the other colours antioxidant molecules come in!

Black Currant and Elderberry are excellent sources of potent antioxidant compounds known as anthocyanins and carotenoids, while Beetroot Extract contributes betalains. Combined with an extensive list of Vitamins and Minerals as well as Polyphenols extracted from Honey strengthen the skin’s antioxidant defence by inducing antioxidant enzymes, alongside promoting collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production.

Super Fruit.png

Estro-C Serum


Advanced Restorative Formula

For All Skin Types Clinical-Potency

Vitamin C 5%
Bio-Identical Estradiol 10ng/mL Natural Vanilla Extract

*Alpha-Hydroxy Acids 20mg/mL

*Copper Tripeptide Chelate

Reduces Visible Signs of Ageing & Repairs Photo-Damaged Skin

*Only in Estro-C Serum Forte

Estro-C Serum Forte 



High-antioxidant formulation for defending skin against free-radical damage, as well as evening-out skin tone and texture whilst supporting collagen production.

Bio-Identical Estrogen supports repair, and Vanilla Extract promotes stem cell activity and skin strength.

Estro-C Serum Forte takes this one step further by utilising Alpha-Hydroxy Acids for skin softening, and Copper Tripeptide Chelate for reparative gene expression.


Ultimate Skin
Repair Caps


Innovative Repair Formula

For Collagen & Skin Health

Copper Tripeptide Chelate 1mg

Vitamins + Coenzymes + NAC

Maintains Healthy Skin, Hair & Nails Protects Against Free Radical Damage

Skin Repair Caps

Deep-repair and rejuvenation capsules for improving skin health and gene expression, as well as promoting healthy collagen production.

Copper Tripeptide Chelate is a matrikine produced by damaged skin tissue to trigger repair and remodeling, and is supported by a blend of nutrients key to effective skin structure support.


Hair Serum


Advanced Defensive Formula

For All Hair & Skin Types Clinical Potency

Copper Tripeptide Chelate

Oligo-Peptide 24 + KTTKS

Beta Caryophyllene + Equol

Bio-Identical Estradiol 10ng/mL

Supports Hair And Scalp Health

Potent rejuvenating serum for supporting hair health and strengthening hair follicles.

A select blend of Peptides directly stimulate hair follicle repair, while the terpene Caryophyllene activates stem cells directly inside the follicle for improved hair health.


Equol and Bio-Identical Estrogen further support and restore hair hormonally in all genders, creating an excellent overall hair defence.

Hair Serum.png



High Purity Isolated Compound

For Health In Ageing

Pyrroloquinoline Quinone

30mg Redox Cofactor Capsules Increases Efficiency of Key Redox Enzymes


Capsules of a compound necessary for health in ageing, currently under consideration for classification as a new vitamin.

Binds to key redox enzymes thus increasing their antioxidant capacity, supporting mitochondria and leading to improved metabolism, immune system health and neuroprotection.

Critically, PQQ improves metabolism in ageing, supporting muscle mass and strength, reducing inflammation and improving skin health.


Clinical Peptide
Lip Builder


Targeted Dual-Action Formula

Sustained-Activity Clinical-Potency

Pro-Vitamin B3

Oligo-Peptide 24

Bio-Identical Estradiol 10ng/mL

Plumps & Rebuilds Dermal

+ Epidermal Tissue.

Short and long-term activity for immediate, sustained fullness augmented by long-term lip health support.

Pro-Vitamin B3 supports blood flow to the lips immediately for a plumping effect, whilst Oligo-Peptide 24 and Bio-Identical Estrogen promote tissue building for long- term health, shape and texture of the lips. The inclusion of Vitamin C further provides antioxidant support.

Lip Builder.png

Clinical Peptide
Skin Builder


Advanced Reparative Formula

Gentle On Sensitive Skin Unisex

Bio-Active Terpenes (Caryophyllene + Terpineol) Oligo-Peptide 24 + KTTKS

Bio-Identical Estradiol 10ng/mL

Reduces Visible Signs of Ageing & Repairs Photo-Damaged Skin

Skin Builder.png

Repair-focused formulation for reducing fine lines and wrinkles in delicate skin areas susceptible to ageing.

Bio-Active Terpenes support skin re- modeling to counteract accumulative damage caused by ageing, while specialised peptides Oligo-Peptide 24 and KTTKS promote renewal of healthy skin structure, further enhanced by Bio-Identical Estrogen.

All Pep products are manufactured within our 320m² facility using state of the art machinery and techniques. All batches are small and precise ensuring the highest quality control that large batch facilitators cannot provide.

Skin Science

Created By The Protein Factory

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