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Chris Wyman


I’m smiling from ear to ear after completing the world’s toughest hard enduro rallye event, ‘Red Bull Romaniacs,’ the highlight of my life in 2022. 

Prior to the crazy idea of entering 4 grueling back-to-back days of extreme racing in Romania’s wild Carpathian Mountains, I had 8 years’ experience of riding dirt bikes with mates. To be honest with myself I knew I wasn’t in great shape, with no previous sporting achievements or activities, and had settled into family life as a dad, like so many of us do!

I knew once I decided to go for it, things had to change. This would require fitness, diet, and training changes and to develop new skills. So, what did I do to prepare myself for this event? I did physical training  2 - 3 times a week, 30-minute circuit classes followed by 45 mins of strength at Fit N Firm Ferntree Gully. This helped my conditioning, but I also need to hone my skillset on the bike, so twice a week for 5 - 7 hours, I would go dirt bike riding.

After a visit to the Protein Factory in March 2022 , I learnt the benefits of introducing the correct supplements to enhance my performance and give me the ability to train harder. Other benefits would be faster recovery for muscles and joints after training and racing and the hope that a recent tendon tear on the elbow would heal. Collagen, creatine, daidzein, and AMP from The Protein Factory were the supplements that helped me achieve my goals. After starting to take supplements I found during training I was able to train or ride longer without fatigue. This gave me the ability to train consecutive days without loss of performance.

The combination of a well-rounded preparation plan and the support of family, friends, and sponsors, I managed a finishing result beyond my expectations. With a final Red Bull Romaniacs 2022 result, I placed 101 out of 217 riders in the bronze class, not bad for an old bloke! I can tell you it is the best feeling to accomplish a goal that was full of sacrifice and hard work to get there.

Many thanks to the knowledgeable staff at the Protein Factory that helped me achieve my goals.

Chris Wyman, 49 years young, Melbourne.

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