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Hiking the Slovenian Alps

Meet Ingrid, an inspiring women with a love for all things health and wellbeing. Ingrid has been walking all her life, leading her to set out on her first major hike in 2016. The Camino is a 1500km walk from Le Puy, France to Santiago, Spain. Earlier this year Ingrid came to The Protein Factory to find the right supplements for her to support physical activity and look after her body on long hikes.

Hikes Ingrid has recently completed

Each day, Ingrid will walk approximately 20kms (when on a major hike).

  • Scotland, Western Highland Way, 9 days, 177kms

  • England, Coast to Coast, 17 days, 309kms

  • Slovenia, Julian Way, 12 stages, 270kms

An insight into Ingrid's week of training

Ingrid exercises for at least 1 hour each day, with a mixture of different activities depending on the day:

  • Yoga

  • Pilates

  • Strength training (lower back, glutes, core, feet, ankles)

  • Walking 2-3 times per week (varying distance, from 5 - 10kms)

  • Cycling 20-20kms per week (with a 50km ride on the weekend)

A day of no physical activity to relax is an important recovery day for Ingrid. Ensuring physical health and wellbeing is important to Ingrid. She gets regular check-ups with her chiropractor, acupuncturist and podiatrist, especially if something feels out in her body.

Products that have assisted Ingrid

We know that without Ingrids training and preparation, these hikes would not be possible. The team at The Protein Factory guided Ingrid with products to complement recovery and endurance to help her keep doing what she loves.

P.E.A for reducing exercise-induced inflammation and promoting endurance while hiking.

Collagen for repairing and supporting joint, muscle and bone health.

Pocket Energy for days that need that extra boost of motivation.

Caryophyllene for alleviating pain associated with inflammation.

Magnesium for reducing muscle cramps and supporting general muscle health.


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