Contract Manufacture

Looking to develop a new health and fitness supplement product for your brand? How about a whole range?


We at Biodome Functional Foods and The Protein Factory regularly work with names big and small in the supplement and health markets at large to bring ideas to market, covering everything from formulation and label design to legal compliance and product testing.

We specialise in scalable production, meaning you could start out with samples as small as 30 units (for less complex formulations) and smoothly scale up to orders in the tens of thousands in record time. We are dedicated to efficient speed-to-market and punctual manufacture to ensure your needs are met on time and your expectations exceeded.

Whether you want herbal extract capsules and tinctures, proteins and collagen, preworkouts and energy products or any other blended functional food powders, liquids, or capsules, we have the capability to take it from concept to reality.

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Our Certifications

Biodome Functional Foods maintains a commitment to quality and excellence in food supplements, and holds all relevant regulatory registrations including GMP Food Registration (3846/F), Victorian Department of Health and Human Services Poison's License (27210851) for safety and compliance in testing, and NICNAS Chemical Introducer registration (NIC1002297) which pertains to cosmetics manufacture. Learn more about us and our facility here:

How To Work With Us

If you're interested in developing a white-label product through us, feel free to get in touch via the link below. Start out by letting us know your budget and formulation requirements so we can help find the best solution for your business.


Small budget to start out? No problems! We can take an off-the-shelf formula and package it the way you'd like, complete with your branding and all the raw material and packaging requirements sorted out for you.

Established business with more complex goals? Excellent. We have extensive formulation knowledge and expertise, and our formulation and manufacturing staff are qualified in the disciplines of health and pharmaceutical science, as well as laboratory and quality management. We have decades of experience between us and always strive to deliver exceptional quality, every time.


We always ensure legal compliance of new formulations and test formulas and raw materials both in-house (using Raman spectroscopy) and externally to ensure purity. We maintain a network of trusted suppliers to help guarantee quality through every stage of manufacture, from raw material origins until the moment your customer finishes their jar and leaves you a raving review.


Protein Example

Let's say for example that your business is looking to offer a protein powder. We at Biodome can manufacture using whey protein, casein, collagen, various plant proteins (including pea, rice, hemp etc.) and even individual amino acids.

We can formulate a protein powder specifically for building muscle, or for encouraging all-day endurance, or even for helping to repair damage after intense exercise.


Where whey is absorbed quickly and encourages muscle growth, casein lasts for most of the day and supports endurance. Plant protein is an excellent alternative to both for those who can't have dairy (while being equally anabolic), and collagen is superb for supporting joints and bones as well as building muscle fascia to protect against damage and DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).


We can tailor your formula to your specific needs, so if you for example need a complete collagen with all essential amino acids, we can add fermentation derived aminos to bring their concentrations up as required. If you need a vegan friendly protein with only natural additives, we can produce a variety of flavours of pea protein sweetened with stevia. If you, say, want a blend of whey, casein, collagen and plant protein with added clean carbs in the form of high prebiotic fibre green banana flour, with added magnesium and fatigue reducing herbal extracts but no flavour or colour at all in an environmentally friendly packaging option, we're more than happy to oblige. Your options are endless.

If you have specific requirements (say 80% protein and less than 10% carbs) we can formulate accordingly. Even if you decide to get labels made elsewhere, we're still able to provide all the info you need to put on your label including nutritional panel, serving instructions and so on.


Of course if you're unsure what your formula needs, our experts can help you out!

Herbal Extract Example

Our expertise goes far beyond protein. We stock hundreds of ingredients for every function you can imagine, and have the supply networks to rapidly source many thousands more high quality certified raw materials.

If your business is looking for stress reducing terpene tinctures, look no further. We've been pioneering plant-based terpene technologies since the 90s. If you'd like to be a part of the growing herbal extract market, whether you're looking for premium-quality muscle supporting turkesterone, antioxidant spirulina superfood greens or immunity boosting citrus peel extract, we have you covered. From vegan capsules to soup mixes, our diverse manufacturing capabilities open up many opportunities for the development of extremely unique and cutting edge products to suit your clientele. With the capability to formulate and produce finely-tuned eclectic herbal blends for maximal desired effect, Biodome Functional Foods has become the go-to innovator for many of our clients. All of our formulas are evidence based and developed by qualified health and pharmaceutical scientists immersed in the scientific literature. Let us know your objectives and we'll be happy to help out!