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Our targeted and potent Cannamimetic terpene-enriched blends are approved in Australia, safe to use (GRAS certified), and highly effective.


Cannamimetics contain premium high-purity terpenes and Australian-grown organic hemp seed oil, are formulated by qualified professionals in the fields of pharmaceutics and health-science and are guaranteed in purity using Fourier Transform Infra-Red Raman Spectroscopy.


The Cannamimetics Difference

What makes Cannamimetics stand out from the crowd? Maybe it's our collective 50 years of experience with terpenes and terpenoids, or the fact that we've been working with them since '97. Perhaps it's our highly qualified team of pharmacologists and health scientists with a dedication to making products that really work. It might even be the fact that we strive to deliver the best service available, dispatching your products the day you order, and being eminently reachable and communicative.

Combining all of those attributes gives us a real edge in the terpene-infused world of health and wellbeing.

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Our parent range, expertly formulated terpene blends in a hemp oil base, with transparency about what's inside. Highly potent and effective yet still very affordable with terpene compositions from 10% to 100%. The most well researched terpene blends on the market.

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Our everyday range, designed to help you get the most out of everything you do, with transparency about what's inside. Extremely affordable and great tasting, while synergistically combining terpenes to get the most bang for your buck with terpene compositions of 2%.

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