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New Delicious Whey Protein Flavour!

The bulking bundle combines three different methods to help you increase size and bulk up. It includes a mass gainer with 20 serves, a hunger encouraging compound with GH like effects and a lean muscle builder. These three products have been carefully chosen for the bundle by experts to help you attain your bulking goals.


This $160 value bundle includes:


-Rapid Bulk

Rapid Bulk 430 is a mass gainer that is ideal post-workout, for rapid absorption. Support muscle growth with 430 calories per serve!

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Starved contains the bitter compound salicin which has its own receptor in the stomach, the gustducin receptor. When the gustducin reception is activated, it leads to a rapid release of ghrelin which acts on its own receptor (GHS-R). This leads to a release of growth hormone identical to that of MK677 aswell as encouraging hunger.



Encourages lean muscle growth by decreasing absorption of sugar from food while enouraging uptake and metabolism of sugar by muscle.

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Total saving of $30!

Bulking Bundle