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New Delicious Whey Protein Flavour!

The lean muscle bundle combines three products hand picked by the protein factory team. These products work together to promote lean muscle growth by combining creatine, turkesterone and GLUTech filled dianbolone and an anti-catabolic compound, aminobol.


This $140 value bundle includes:



Creatine supplementation can enhance muscle adaptation to exercise by signalling to the muscle that its energy recycling capabilities have been improved, and that it can increase protein synthesis in tandem.



Dianbolone is a potent combination of 500mg of 80% turkesterone + ecdysterone extract blend per serve and GLUTech advanced glucose disposal. GLUTech enhances GLUT-4 translocation in muscle cells, supporting energy uptake and causing massive pumps!



Aminobol contains a novel compound called methyl anthranilate. This non-steroidal compound is designed to prevent muscle wasting, promote muscle growth and increase muscle and bone strength. Having anti-catabolic actions, it prevents muscle wastage enabling the individual to hold lean muscle that is gained while trying to drop body fat. 


Total saving of $30!

Lean Muscle Bundle