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New Delicious Whey Protein Flavour!

The repair bundle combines three different methods to help promote repairing in the body including copper peptides, a sleep promoting and muscle soothing terpene and gylcine to increase recovery time. The combination of two unique and natural compounds alongside the amino acid glycine (of which humans are deficient in) form the perfect collection of products to speed up recovory of muscles and strengthen connective tissue, bones, joints, hair, skin and nails.


This $160 value bundle includes:



Copper peptides are naturally produced by the body in response to damaged tissues in order to supply them with a form of non-toxic, eminently usable copper to assist the healing process

Learn more about cupraplex



Caryophyllene Oxide is a naturally occurring terpene with sleep promoting, soothing and anti-inflammatory activities, assisting to support suppression of deleterious cells and protection of healthy cell phenotypes.

Learn more about caryox



Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties make Glycine perfect for endurance athletes to increase recovery, and glycine's role as a neurotransmitter makes it great to take before bed to help support sleep too.

Learn more about glycine


Total saving of $30!

Repair Bundle