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New Delicious Whey Protein Flavour!

Our collagen peptide protein provides the amino acids your body needs to efficiently rebuild and repair connective tissues, including joints, muscle fascia, skin, bones, hair and nails. Collagen is an ideal addition to other protein sources, supplying a highly specialised amino acid profile ideal for all of the connective tissues critical to performance on strength and endurance exercises.


Our range of Naturally Sweetened and Flavoured Collagen utilises fruit juice powder to provide a subtle and refreshing flavour to support recovery after exercise.  


The delayed onset muscle soreness we all experience after intense exercise is often due to inflammation of the muscle fascia, the connective tissue in muscle responsible for muscle integrity and much of its strength. By supplying the necessary amino acids via collagen protein, muscle and connective tissue repair can be enhanced leading to reduced soreness following exercise, improved recovery and greater results in terms of strength and tone.


Our collagen has minimal additives, is sourced from Germany and is grass fed. Our bovine collagen is hydrolysed (pre-digested to enhance digestion) and is also fortified with extra amino acids (Glycine, Tryptophan), with 75%+ protein content and no added sugar or fi