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New Delicious Whey Protein Flavour!

You asked for it, the next step after Dianbolone. Dianbolone Gold provides you with all the benefits of the original Dianbolone, plus new ingredients for more muscle growth and performance. 


Dianbolone Gold is a potent combination of Epicatechin and Diosgenin, with the original Dianbolone blend of 500mg of 80% turkesterone + ecdysterone extract blend per serve and GLUTech advanced glucose disposal.


Turkesterone and ecdysterone are secondary metabolites derived from Cyanotis plants which support the augmentation of maximum power output and rep capacity that comes with exercise, leading to assisted gains in strength and muscle mass in trained muscle. GLUTech is a complex which enhances muscular GLUT4 translocation, supporting energy availability in trained muscle and leaning in response to exercise.


Myogear is a highly bioavailable formulation containing 50mg per serve epicatechin, fortified with piperine (extracted from black pepper). Derived from green tea, epicatechin is a flavonoid with the propensity to both support an increase follistatin (by 2.5x if taken twice daily) and decrease in myostatin levels with exercise, resulting in leaner, larger, harder mass in trained muscle groups. Epicatechin is also able to assist healthy low levels of muscular fatigue and increase muscular energy utilisation during training.


Spirobolin contains diosgenin, an extract of wild yam which helps support healthy muscle, bone, and skin, to maintain healthy hormone balance while protecting against deleterious effects. Diosgenin encourages adaptation to training by recruiting satellite cells to support the building of new muscle, encouraging gains in strength and lean mass in response to exercise.


Contains: Erythritol, BCAAs 2:1:1 (Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine, Citric Acid, Cyanotis Extract (Turkesterone + Ecdysterone), Spirobolin (Diosgenin), Myogear (Epicatechin), Raspberry Flavour, Syringaldehyde, Sucralose, Org-V (Vanadium Picolinate, Colour (102). 


Each 300g tub contains 30 serves (10g serve). 


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DIANBOLONE GOLD - Natural Turkesterone+ Ecdysterone + Diosgenin + Epicatechin


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