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Our Magnesium Aspartate is one of the most highly bioavailable forms available, conferring the best absorption and benefits attainable from Magnesium.


Magnesium is always taken as a 'salt form', meaning that the Magnesium metal has been neutralised with a food acid (aspartic acid in this case, an amino acid found in protein). Just as you couldn't eat a chunk of zinc metal and expect to absorb any, you also can't consume magnesium in its metallic, elemental form. The acid chosen has a substantial impact on absorption, as some acids will bind the nutrient metal (magnesium in this case) more tightly and prevent you from absorbing it, though some may not bind tightly enough and risk having the metal be attacked by anti-nutrients (like phytate) which themselves prevent absorption. It's all a balancing act. Research has demonstrated that the two most bioavailable forms of magnesium (that is, the forms which are absorbed best) are aspartate and citrate. Other forms are much more poorly absorbed. As our magnesium has no other additives, you can trust you'll be getting the best value from our product.


It's worth noting that once the magnesium has been absorbed, the form becomes substantially less important, as it's the magnesium (and not the aspartate, citrate, etc.) which provides the benefits in this case.


Available as highly bioavailable Magnesium Aspartate 100g powder.



Magnesium L-Aspartate (660mg per serve, for 80mg of elemental magnesium per serve), cellulose.



Take two scoops each day (about 160mg elemental magnesium) as required. Best taken without calcium (avoid high calcium foods if you choose to take with food, or just take on an empty stomach) to maximise absorption.


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MAGNESIUM - High Bioavailability Form


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